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Entry #10

So fawking confused... x_x

2013-06-04 04:01:09 by xSacredbloodshedPS3x

Yeah, I keep making new avi's and new mascots and profile pictures but I'm never satisfied with anything.
Oh well I guess I need to start working but hey... how many times am I gonna say that shit before actually getting something done before actually starting something? Who knows?


I made this tumblr though (its in my info) a game dev blog to mark progress on how I do in becoming a game developer. I should have got a serious start before hand but hey better late than never.

I do know that TeamSymphonicAngel and FourFourGames are here to stay. I am satisfied with the names just not who icons them. I really need to get busy and get cracking.


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2013-09-12 20:24:30

good fo you ^