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TSA Webs Website!

2013-05-06 06:17:25 by xSacredbloodshedPS3x

So I'm making a game development team called Team Symphonic Angel or TSA


This is my new website. It's still a big work in progress and I don't have a lot to put on it as of now. Anyone want to join? its not necessary but what I really need is some feedback and/or advice what to do to make it better.

and uh as of updates.

Well me and my friend started on a RPG and I am starting on a solo Visual Novel.
I'm thinking about making a webcomic and also drawing some more after some lessons of course.

All of this stuff will be on my site so make sure you keep track of that because things like my comic RPG and Visual Novel won't be posted on NG because of the files not bing flvs. I mean I can post status updates but yeah I might not get around to it.


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2013-05-07 05:56:15

Looks good! One small tip when it comes to designing sites: much better to use thumbnails linked to big images, rather than loading the big image directly in small size, it'll save a lot of time and bandwidth for visitors.

xSacredbloodshedPS3x responds:

Thanks for the tips C: