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Boring Ass Update

2013-03-31 07:36:21 by xSacredbloodshedPS3x

So uhh lemme fucking think. Oh yeah I'm on this shitty computer bringing good news. I will be getting a laptop...eventually or some nerd guy knows how to fix my computer and on the brighter side I am working on a "I'm back bitches" content release a big wapow if I do say myself It will take a month or two to develop even after planning but once it's done I'll release everything at once.

I'm coming back with a bang. At least I hope I am, better not be shooting blanks.


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2013-03-31 08:42:49

nice double post

xSacredbloodshedPS3x responds:

problem solved. I wouldn't have known if you didn't say anything. Thanks