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Shutoff for a while

2013-03-15 00:28:44 by xSacredbloodshedPS3x

So right now i'm using my mom's little laptop, my desktop PC is broke, hardriver failure or some shit and I'm poor so it will be a very long time untl I can get a new one. So there won't be any content for probably months from me. I can't install my tablet on this comp for some reason so no drawings and its way to slow to use flash. So as of today I will just be a watcher instead of a content creator. I'm thinking about getting a sketchbook and just scanning when I get a new computer.


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2013-03-15 07:47:38

Buy a lottery ticket

xSacredbloodshedPS3x responds:



2013-03-27 01:29:14

Well, for about 100 bucks, you can get a new hard drive. If you look around, there's something called Norton Ghost... install that on your bad hard drive, and it will copy it to a new HD.
If you put the crappy HD in a baggie, put it in the freezer, it will work for quite a while before it heats up and fails again. That will give you time to install Ghost, figure out how it works, and to time how long it takes before it bombs out again. Refreez and give it a try!

xSacredbloodshedPS3x responds:

I'll probably just buy me a laptop. I'm actually tired of desktop computer and I got everything off it before it went apeshit so no need really. Thanks though. :P


2013-03-29 02:42:47

No prob. Sorry to hear about the setback, hope you can stay productive in the meantime.